Joey Izzo is an award winning writer/director whose work has been screened at top festivals worldwide, including Cannes Film Festival, New York Film Festival, and San Francisco International Film Festival. His recent short film, Stepsister, is the first film from San Francisco to be selected for Cannes’s Cinéfondation Official Selection. Joey’s wry-humored and naturalistic style was developed from years of training in the experimental film world, working extensively with SF film collage expert Craig Baldwin. Highlighting this period, Bare Room was made in collaboration with the esteemed New York composer/multi-instrumentalist John Zorn. It premiered at The New York Film Festival in 2011 and was commercially released by Tzadik Recordings in 2012. Joey Izzo earned his MFA in film production from San Francisco State University in 2012. He was awarded a Murphy & Cadogan Fellowship Tuition Grant from the San Francisco Foundation for his first year film, Chuck's Chicken. 

In addition to his personal output, Joey Izzo has over 5 years of experience as a freelance director and editor on various creative content ranging from short narratives, documentaries, broadcast commercials, music videos, and web-based media. Joey Izzo worked as an editor on Amoeba Music's Webby Award winning series, "What's In My Bag?" (2013, Best Online Film & Video: Variety Show), which has garnered millions of views online.